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DHA-8 (Park View)

Size  10 M  1 K   2 K 
Transfer Fee   25,950  50,950  100,950
MemberShip Fee   22,830  22,830  22,830
Document Charges   1,000  1,000  1,000
Stamp Duty   35,000  77,000  140,000
Capital Value Tax   Nil  140,000  280,000

Required Documents

Seller                                                              Buyer 

Original Plot’s Documentation                          Original N.I.C

Original N.I.C                                                  2 Snaps           


For Overseas Client

For Seller 

If seller is out of country and he wants to sell his plot then seller will send power of attorney to the name of his blood relation person or friend name  to the society office through embassy then that person whose name power of attorney is sent will have authority to sale the plot.

For Buyer 

If buyer is out of country and he wants to buy plot so in this case copy of N.I.C and 2 snaps are required. Plot will be transfer on his name. If buyer want allotment letter and documents of the plot from the society then he will send authority letter to society office  on his blood relation person or friend name. then the person whom name is authority letter can collect the documents and allotment letter of the plot from Society office.

Commission = 1 % on Total Deal.

Note: All this information is placed after confirmation from Society.Society can make changes any time.

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